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Why Choose Direct Financial for Your Car Loan?

When you come to Direct Financial for your next car loan (or first car loan!), you’ll find friendly people, attentive service, great rates, and flexible terms.

Is refinancing on your mind? Whether you want to lower your monthly payment or pay less in interest, we can help with your refi!

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Auto Loan Basics

Being an informed shopper is the best way to approach car buying. We can help with that!

Our Auto Loan Basics collection includes tips, details, and articles full of information that will help guide you from shopping to buying/financing to maintaining your new car. Shop smart!

  • Shopping Basics
  • Negotiating Tips
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Car Shopping

Sure, you could buy a car without doing any homework, but if you invest a little time, then the chances of you buying a great car at a fair price go way up. It's the same with your financing.