Protecting Your Accounts

What You Can Do

  • Ask us to scan your driver's license or photo ID the next time you visit a Direct Financial branch. This way we'll know if anyone tries to impersonate you.
  • Ask us to put a password on your accounts.
  • Passwords you use to access your online financial accounts should never be reused on other online accounts. Make your Direct Financial login one-of-a-kind! That way, if a security breach happens somewhere else, your most important accounts won't be affected.
  • Use NEFCUOnline and Account Alerts, and receive an emailed alert if your balance drops below a certain amount. This can help you monitor unauthorized withdrawals.
  • When you visit a teller, present your membership card or jot down your member number and pass that to the teller, instead of speaking it aloud.
  • Shred sensitive papers. Drop them in a SecurShred bin at any branch.
  • Attend a seminar to learn more about identity theft, the new techniques thieves are using, and how you can recover if you become a victim.
  • Use BillPay so some payments can be made electronically, avoiding the risk of a check sent in the mail.
  • Check Direct Financial newsletters and for updates on security topics - stay informed!

What Direct Financial Is Doing

In the Branch or On the Phone

  • We know our members. Scanned IDs are one tool that help us protect you against impersonation. We also keep your signature on file.
  • We use alternative identification methods when we need to verify your identity. We won't ask you for your Social Security number, date of birth or mother's maiden name. Instead, we'll ask you a series of other carefully-constructed questions and the answers to which only you should know.
  • Through the Direct Financial newsletter we warn members not to give their personal information or credit card numbers over the phone to telemarketers.
  • Our teller and ATM receipts are printed with truncated card numbers, so your account information is protected from dumpster divers. You also have the option of asking the teller to suppress the printing of your available balance.

Bringing Resources to You

  • We hold seminars to educate members about identity theft, new techniques thieves use, and how you can recover if necessary.
  • We provide SecurShred paper shredding bins free of charge. You can drop sensitive paperwork in a bin at any branch at any time and we'll make sure it is properly destroyed.
  • We encourage you to use Account Alerts, so you can receive an immediate emailed alert if your balance drops below a certain amount.
  • We encourage you to use BillPay as a way of keeping account numbers from falling into the wrong hands.
  • We provide up-to-date information about how you can protect yourself from identity theft on our website.

Behind the Scenes

  • We continually check Visa and Debit cards for unusual activity.
  • We will call you if we detect any unusual activity on your card.
  • We follow up-to-date industry standards for password protection.

If you think you have become a victim of identity theft, or if you have any questions, come into any branch or call NEFCU Contact Center at 802.879.8790 or 800.400.8790.

You can also contact the fraud departments of one of the three major credit bureaus and request that a fraud alert be placed on the credit file. These alerts will be on your file for 90 days. Any creditor pulling your report will be advised to contact you prior to extending credit, as you have reported an increased risk of identity theft.