Identity Theft Resources

Safeguard your personal and financial records from fraud and identity theft. Learn more about protecting your personal financial information with Protecting yourself from identity theft and scams.

Each year, millions of Americans discover that someone has fraudulently assumed their identity. A criminal using a stolen social security number or other personal information can quickly run up thousands of dollars in purchases before a victim becomes aware that their identity has been stolen.

Identity theft has become the fastest-growing crime in America, a crime which usually leaves victims with the responsibility of cleaning up a web of phony purchases, bogus accounts and damaged credit ratings.

Protective Tips When Identity Theft Risk is Elevated

To Help Protect Minors

If you are concerned about potential identity theft for your child or children under 18 years of age, you can use this form to send a letter to the three primary credit bureaus. (You will need to input your information three times, since the form creates letters to all three bureaus.)

Letter to Credit Bureaus for Minor Children

If you think you are a victim, stop into any branch or call us at 802-879-8790 or 800-400-8790.