Kickstart your savings habit by enrolling in Direct Financial’s ChangeSaver Program. Connecting a Share Draft checking to a Share Account savings allows you to save as you shop! With each debit purchase, the transaction will round up to the next dollar and transfer the difference into the predetermined savings account. One ChangeSaver transfer will show in your account history daily, and the amount will be the total change saved that day!

To enroll, call 800.966.8200 or stop by a branch.

What is ChangeSaver?

ChangeSaver is a service that helps members save! It rounds up debit card point of sale transactions to the nearest dollar and transfers those funds to a pre-determined Share Account of the member’s choice.

What types of accounts are eligible for ChangeSaver?

A personal checking (share draft) account with a debit card attached can be set up for ChangeSaver withdrawal transfers.

Will it round up an ATM withdrawal?

ATM withdrawals will not be rounded up, only point of sale transactions.

When will the transfer happen?

ChangeSaver transfers will happen during nightly processing. All change from debit card point of sale transactions will be rounded to the nearest dollar during the day, will post as one transfer at the end of business day.

What if the balance in my checking account will not cover the ChangeSaver transfer?

If there are not enough funds in the checking account to cover the ChangeSaver transfer, the transfer will not be made. ChangeSaver transfers will not be posted using Overdraft Protection or Courtesy Pay. If there are no funds, it will not transfer.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by calling 800.966.8200 or visiting any branch. We will send you a letter to confirm the initiation of service to the address on file for the checking account. ChangeSaver transfers will begin the business day following the received request.

How do I cancel?

If you wish to cancel the ChangeSaver service, please call 800.966.8200 or visit any branch. We will send you a letter to confirm the discontinuation of the service to the address on file for the checking account.

What if two (or more) people have a debit card linked to the same checking (share draft) account?

All point of sale debit card transactions that occur on the checking (share draft) account will be rounded up and included in the Change Saver transfer.