LoanPay Xpress

LoanPay Xpress is a convenient way to make Direct Financial consumer loan payments from your external non-Direct Financial account.

Using this service is easy. You will need your Direct Financial loan number and the account and routing number of the non-Direct Financial account you will use to make an ACH payment. Or you can use a non-Direct Financial debit card, or in certain cases, your credit card.* 

You can make one-time payments or establish monthly recurring payments from your external accounts. To get started, please click here.

* When using a credit or debit card there will be a convenience fee added to your transaction when using this service. The amount will be clearly displayed before you complete the transaction. Please note there are other methods of making payments, including sending us a check, using NEFCUOnline, or making payments in our branches, where you may be able to avoid these fees.