Alerts & Notifications

By creating customized alerts, you’ll stay informed about account status changes and activities that are important to you, which can help you avoid late fees and overdrafts. With notifications sent via email and/or text, you’ll know quickly if there has been a large deposit or withdrawal, if a check clears, if your balance approaches a pre-determined level, if a loan payment is due, and more.

Login to NEFCUOnline and go to My Settings > Alerts & Notifications to create any of the following:

  • Low Balance Alert  ̶  Sends alert when account balance is at or below the threshold
  • High Balance Alert  ̶  Sends alert when account balance is at or above the threshold
  • Balance Update  ̶  Sends regular updates on the account balance of a chosen account
  • Loan Payment Due Reminder  ̶  Sends alert when a loan payment is coming due
  • Payment Past Due Reminder  ̶  Sends alert when loan payment is overdue
  • Maturity Date Reminder  ̶  Sends alert when investment accounts are maturing
  • Check Cleared Alert  ̶  Sends alert when a specified check number clears a specified account
  • Large Withdrawal Alert  ̶  Sends alert whenever there are withdrawal transactions with amounts equal to or above a specified threshold
  • Large Deposit Alert -- Sends alert whenever there are deposit transactions with amounts equal to or above a specified threshold
  • Personal Reminder  ̶  Sends a user specified message according to the selected frequency


  • Are Debit Card alerts no longer available?

    The new alert system does not support Debit Card alerts. We expect that most members will use the “Large Withdrawal Alert” to replace the previous Debit Card alert. The dollar amount of this alert can be customized by the member.

  • I would like to be able to choose which statements and notices I would like delivered via postage or electronically. Why can’t I do this?

    Unfortunately to customize delivery of the variety of statements and notices we produce to each member’s preference is overly complex and not well supported through automation. Most members that choose eDelivery prefer it for all their statements and notices. They receive an email and the document is stored and accessed through NEFCUOnline. All members have the option of eDelivery or postal delivery.

  • Your old alerts used to be “real-time”, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore?

    The old system produced real-time alerts. The new system produces alerts based on activity throughout the day. While there may be a few hour delay between the time the transaction is posted and when you receive an alert, rest assured that you are protected by us for transactions not authorized by you so long as you report them to us in a timely manner.

  • Can I still get electronic deposit notifications?

    The new alert system does not support electronic deposit notifications. We think most members will use the “Large Deposit Alert” to replace this option. The dollar amount can be customized by the member.

  • Why have you changed my Account Alerts?

    Our previous Account Alert platform did not meet our expectations. It was not easy enough for members to set-up, modify, or customize alerts and they were not adequately integrated into our online and mobile banking platforms. For these reasons we have not seen the utilization of alerts that we would expect. We are moving to a platform that is better integrated into NEFCUOnline. It will be easier for members to establish alerts and to customize them to their needs. The new alert set-up and content are not identical to the old alerts, so you will need to reestablish your options manually.