Direct Financial S.T.E.M. Scholarship Application

(ex. 3.8 on 4 pt scale)

(if applicable)

(ex. 3.8 on 4 pt scale)

Name of the institution you attend or plan to attend


List two (2) individuals who may be contacted by the Selection Panel regarding your character, academic achievements, and/or educational potential.

Direct Financial believes in sharing our success with the community. Please complete a maximum 250-word essay illustrating why you chose your discipline specifically and how you hope to contribute to your field over the course of your career. NOTE: Please attach your typed and double-spaced essay to your Scholarship Application.

Attach up to 4 files
Certification and Release Authorization

(if under 18 years)


Applicant must be a member in good standing with the Credit Union. Applicants applying under parent(s) member number will not be considered.

Applicant must be applying to or enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program at a college, trade school, or university (minimum 6-credit semester or the equivalent).

To be eligible for the Direct Financial Scholarship for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, the field of study must be one of the following:

• Biological sciences
• Computer and Information sciences
• Physical sciences
• Engineering
• Mathematical sciences
• Technology areas associated with the preceding fields of study
• Geosciences

Employees and Volunteers of Direct Financial, as well as members of their immediate families and households are not eligible. Previous Direct Financial scholarship recipients are also not eligible.


Copy of your high school or college transcripts (unofficial transcripts will be accepted) or GED (General Education Degree) and any related work experience. NOTE: Please make certain the name of the institution is on the transcript.

Completed Scholarship Application.

Applications that are incomplete, late, or not in accordance with directions will be ineligible.

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